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5 Kitchen Organization Hacks for Countertops and Cabinets

Check out these great kitchen organization hacks for how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry. If that’s your house, you’ll love our list of simple and cheap tips. It’s much easier to whip up meals when the heart of the home is neat and tidy.

5 Easy kitchen organization hacks for a clean countertop and tidy cupboards.

Even before you start organizing, cleaning your countertops should be the first step. Clear up your workspace, then dive into those messy drawers.

Then, once you finish getting everything in it’s place, set up a small herb garden indoors as a quick win without much effort. Not only will you yield fresh herbs for adding to a picture of sangria or garnishing homemade pizza, but productive plants are a happy accent that add life and vitality to dreary surroundings.

Those are the start and finish goals. Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this fun household task.

Simple DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

I practically live in my tiny kitchen and often stand there doing dishes while dreaming of the remodel we’ll do “one day.” On that fine day, I’ll have a mega pantry with sliding drawers inside of sliding drawers. Until then, I have to make the best of what I’ve got, which means taking the kitchen by the horns and keeping that beast organized.

These organization hacks and DIY kitchen decor projects are handy for making the most of your kitchen. Ultimately, they will save you time and money, which means less time searching for baking soda and more money saved from happily eating favorite copycat recipes at home.

From rethinking the space above your cabinets to organizing what is inside them, you’ll feel inspired and see your kitchen with new eyes.

This roundup inspires organizing the large scale down to the nook and crannies. You’ll definitely get some AHA moments, as in, “I never thought of storing my reusable bags like that. Brilliant!”

After a quick trip to JOANN! or your local craft store, bring home essential items for revolutionizing your kitchen experience.

For example, adding command hooks inside your cabinet door or lining the back wall of your cabinets with bright paper are just two cheap transformative hacks!

You can also bring light and beauty to unused crevices by thoughtfully placing mirrors, wall stickers, or twinkling lights in strategic areas. 

When you’re finished organizing, try our DIY All Purpose Cleaner to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Take some ideas and run with them. It’s your kitchen, lady. I want you to have the best experience in it possible. Start by firing up your diffuser with one of our invigorating Ginger Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, brew a cafe Romano, and let the creativity flow!

DIY Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Maybe you’ve got a little kitchen, but that is no reason you can’t get it to run like a well-oiled ship. These ideas give a fresh take on organizing and maximizing the place where you provide nutrition to your family.

More Easy Home Organization Ideas