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6 Christmas Organization Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

You will love being calm and collected with these Christmas Organization Tips. Make-ahead projects, checklists, planners, and printables are here to save the day! Organization is the secret weapon to getting Christmas done without stress. Clear your head and your schedule while you repeat after me, “I will not be crushed by Christmas this year!”

6 Christmas Organization Tips to have a stress-free holiday this year.

Simplify the Holidays & Get Ready for Christmas

Do you cherish Christmas? The gifts, the food, the family are all so precious this time of year. 

Ideally, we get to remember traditions and create new ones. But unfortunately, so often, the real reason for the season gets lost in a frenzy to do it all, get it all, and give it all. 

Hear me out; it doesn’t have to be that way. With simple planning and organizing strategies, you will be able to celebrate Christmas with ease. 

Cozy up with a batch of no-bake hot chocolate mix cookies and use the free resources linked below as tools for getting ahold of your house and your budget without getting blown out. 

Strategize now so you can wear the look of cool contentment when Christmas morning rolls around. Let’s make that a new tradition!

How Can I Be Organized at Christmas?

Start now! Get the inspiration you need with these clever organizational ideas and take control of your Christmas without stress

I mean that in a good way, not in a neurotic, must-control-everything way. Here are your action steps:

  1. Print out the lists and planners you like most
  2.  Calmly chart out how you want your budget and your holiday to go this year.

There is a lot to do, but if you begin now it will be easy! Tick away at the cleaning, the gift buying, the grocery shopping, and you’ll have more time to delight in Christmas just like the children do. 

Organization is the foundation for making your Christmas dreams come true. Then you can go through the list of gift ideas for tween girls and adult children to make their dreams happen too.

Christmas Organization Tips for Real Life

So, you are planning a Christmas to be remembered? That’s wonderful! There’s nothing like creating lasting memories with your family. These colorful ideas will help you have an awesome Christmas without the anxiety.

A 5-layered white cart with gift wrapping paper, paper bags and bows that are organized.
Gift Wrap Organizer Cart with Colorful DIY Drawer Labels
Put your wrapping paper in order with a gift wrap organizer cart. Take care of your tissue paper and bows by giving them their own labeled place to live. Wrapping your presents will be a neat and satisfying event. If you don't have a cart ready to go, this post includes a free cash back offer!
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Christmas gift tracker and pink and gold planner in white background.
Christmas Gift List Template
Wait, what was that brilliant gift idea I had for little Johnny? Oh yes, I have it written down on the free Christmas Gift List Printable. This handy template has fill-in-the-blank bullet points for ideas, what you need to buy, and what you have already purchased. There's no need to pull the scotch tape back on already wrapped presents just to remember what you got. Furthermore, this post includes free cute and customizable place card printables.
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How to clean your house for Christmas.
How To Clean Your House Before Christmas (7 Useful Steps)
Start the holidays right with a clean home. Your guests will feel a sense of peace when they walk into your decluttered entryway. Listen up; if a deep clean seems daunting, these seven steps to clean your house before Christmas make it attainable. Just take it one room at a time.
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Free Christmas Planner Printables, 14 different pages collage.
Free Christmas Planner Printables
Stay calm amid Christmas hysteria with these free Christmas planner printables. A Christmas Goal Planner includes eleven categories so you can keep focused on the big picture. There are even printables for fun Christmas activities like scavenger hunts!
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A 3-page Christmas planner with separate page for the list of cards to send, the Christmas planner owner and the Christmas baking list.
Christmas Planner {23 Pages Free Printables}
This visually appealing Christmas Planner has 23 pages to pick and choose from. Get your dates straight, your gifts tracked, and your menu planned with a homemade holiday binder. You'll be on track to truly celebrate the season with stockings stuffed ahead of time.
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A person holding a laptop on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other hand surrounded by gift boxes with red and silver ribbons.
Free Printable Christmas Shopping List
This free printable Christmas shopping list is particularly detail-oriented. Categories include the person you need to buy a gift for, how much you budget, what you spend, when you make the purchase, and if the gift is wrapped or not! Whew, no gift will slip through the cracks with this level of organization!
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More Easy Winter Projects for the Home

Does all this epic home organizing inspire you? I know you’ll love these other winter project ideas too!