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Here are the best dessert recipes to enjoy all year long! From no-bake, quick, 5-minute ideas, 3-ingredient recipes, and above all, easy – these are family-friendly, budget-friendly sweet treats for adults and children.

Saiki K Coffee Jelly – Easy Japanese Dessert Recipe

Saiki K coffee jelly or kohii zerii is a Japanese-inspired dessert that is featured in a popular anime show called “Disastrous Life of Saiki K”. This popular dessert is served in individual cups with swirls of whipped cream or cut into cubes with a drizzle of condensed milk. It is a dessert that all coffee …

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Dirty Chai Earthquake Cookies

These Dirty Chai Earthquake Cookies are a delicious, unique take on the classic holiday crinkle cookie. This sweet treat is enhanced with espresso and flavored with chai spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. These spiced crinkle cookies are perfectly soft and chewy with bold flavors, soon to become your favorite holiday dessert! What are Chai …

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15 Easy No-Bake Dessert Recipes with Few Ingredients

These easy no-bake dessert recipes tick the three most important boxes you need in a dessert: easy, delicious, and quick to make. Enjoy browsing this long list of fifteen simple pleasures. 5-Ingredient Desserts Recipes to Make at Home without Baking Sometimes you can’t be bothered to preheat the oven. Maybe it’s too hot outside, or …

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9 Quick and Easy 5-Ingredient Dessert Recipes

Thanks to 5 ingredient dessert recipes, satiating a sweet tooth isn’t complicated! So whether you are entertaining company or serving family dessert on Wednesday, these easy recipes are the ticket for simple yet delicious treats. Easy Dessert Recipes to Make at Home Are you looking for easy dessert recipes with limited ingredients? Look no further …

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Effortless 3-Ingredient Cheesecake Recipes

Who knew there could be such diversity in 3-ingredient cheesecake recipes? Whether you try a traditional cheesecake baked in an oven, an easy Instant Pot version, or something even more straightforward, you will have fun pouring over the list of options found in this round-up.  In any case, these easy homemade cheesecake recipes are all …

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Easy 3-Ingredient Ice Cream Recipes (No-Churn)

Making homemade ice cream doesn’t get more simple than these 3-ingredient ice cream recipes. No churning, no ice cream machine, no problem. Just sweet, creamy bliss in your bowl! Easy Dessert Recipes from Scratch Who doesn’t love ice cream? Now you can have your favorite treat, made-from-scratch, ready in minutes any time you want. These …

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