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6 Home Office Organization Ideas

Clear the slate of your office and pump the productivity with 6 Home Office Organization Ideas. These tried and true tips will bring peace to the mental headquarters of your home with effective systems and DIY solutions.

6 Home office organization ideas, DIY storage for desk, files and supplies.

How to Organize a Home Office

Are you looking for ideas on organizing office supplies and managing piles of paper? Good for you for taking control of this aspect of your life!

This collection of ideas is an inspiring read before wiping drawers clean and implementing new organizational strategies. Knowing how to organize office supplies makes a big difference in the day-to-day experience of using a home office. 

Walking into a messy room immediately makes everything harder. Processing distractions around you will cost you extra brainpower that could better be spent on productivity instead.

There are office desk drawer organizers, origami pencil holders, and professional methods for organization here at your fingertips. These six ideas are simply golden and will help transform your space with functionality and style. Manage your things in no time by trying these simple clutter solutions!

Make a goal to get organized, then move on to deep cleaning carpet and vacuuming rugs.

DIY Office Organization

Before starting, all you need is the desire to try. Whether it’s a home office desk organization or a filing system, you’re after, brace yourself because setting it up it may be easier than you think. 

The steps are simple and systematic, so overwhelm is unnecessary. Plus, there’s a big reward at the end of the process. Carving out time to bring more order to your life is always worthwhile. 

You may already have many of the things needed for these DIY projects. If not, buying a few organizational tools on Amazon or at a local retailer is relatively easy. 

Start by clearing the clutter and creating space for more ease and functionality in your office. Once you have decluttered, put like things with like, and implemented your filing systems. Finally, stand back and marvel at your organizational skills!

Large and Small Office Organization Ideas

Make the most out of your workspace with these office organization ideas for small spaces or large ones. The hardest part is just starting the process. Once you get going and the clutter begins to clear, you won’t be able to stop yourself from staying neat and tidy. 

A clear desk drawer organizer for pens, sharpie, binder clips, calculator, pair of scissor, tape notepad and stapler.
Organize Desk Drawers
Take the time to clean desk drawers and use an office desk drawer organizer to experience a real boost in productivity. Save precious time from searching through the clutter for the pen you need by using these four simple steps to take control of your home office drawers.
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A clean office desk with an iMac, pink flowers on one side and a white lamp, photo frame and pen holders on the other side.
Organize Important Paperwork and Documents
Find out how to organize important papers and documents from a real organizational pro. It’s all about asking the right questions: what, where, and how long? Clear physical and mental space by creating the right system for paper organization.
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Craft room organizers. Craft organizers made from tin cans.
Upcycled Craft Storage
Organize your office space by upcycling tin cans in a neat and modern way. Get out your Cricut Maker and prepare to unleash the tidiness. These cans are great for the craft room too! You can satisfy your need for crafting and cleanliness all in one go.
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A pile of loose papers.
Get Rid of Paper Clutter
If you have had enough with papers piling up in your home, then you are in the right spot. Find out how long you need to keep documents, what you need to keep, and what you can toss all in this post. Create a simple system that will finally eliminate paper clutter from your home once and for all.
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Pen and pencil holder craft out of paper.
DIY Pencil Holder
Personalize your office space with a DIY pencil holder. Make an elegant looking pencil holder entirely out of paper! Save this for a rainy day and unwind with a relaxing origami project.
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A clear pen organizer with colored pens inside an opened wooden desk drawer.
Organization Ideas for Desks and More
Don’t be daunted by those messy office drawers. Take a deep breath and process one drawer at a time. Get all the encouragement you need to tackle this task from Julie’s post.
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More Easy Home Organization Ideas