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A bar of turmeric soap on a wooden board surrounded by tiny flowers.

DIY Turmeric Soap Recipe

This turmeric soap recipe makes a homemade face soap with skin-healing properties to remedy acne, dark spots, and red, irritated skin while bringing about a natural glow. The easy melt-and-pour method only takes 20 minutes before the soap is ready to set and then use. Turmeric Soap Benefits Turmeric, as a food, has already made …

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3 easy recipes for DIY homemade cold process soap collage.

3 Easy DIY Cold Process Soap Recipes

Make your own easy DIY cold process soap recipes and save money while treating yourself with beautiful, non-toxic homemade body soap! What Ingredients Do You Need for Cold Process Soap Cold process soap is a specific soap-making technique that combines plant or animal fats with sodium hydroxide (lye). The combination produces a chemical reaction called …

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