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11 Homemade DIY Makeup Recipes

DIY Makeup Recipes are here to save you money, make you more beautiful, and reduce exposure to potentially toxic chemical compounds. These recipes with all-natural ingredients are easy to make and budget-friendly! Each project opens up a door to being more self-sufficiently fabulous. 

11 Easy and natural ideas, Homemade DIY Makeup Recipes. Photos of different kinds of make up.

Non-Toxic All-Natural Makeup Ideas

Unfortunately, all too often, our beauty products contain harsh chemicals. Organizations like Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Environmental Working Group, and American Testing Lab have done the hard work of analyzing and recording common ingredients found in makeup and cosmetics. Many ingredients seem to pose little risk. However, exposure to some components may link to serious side effects worth knowing about.

Beauty products may seem glamorous, but who wants to apply toxins to your face every day? It’s just not worth the risk.

Make natural makeup so you know that what you are using is the good stuff. For other natural beauty products, and to prep your face for makeup, take a look at our Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub Recipe, and for the lips, our DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub.

How Do You Make Makeup From Scratch?

You can get almost everything you need for these natural makeup recipes from the health food store. Many of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen! 

Homemade makeup is a fantastic way to cut costs and waste. In addition to using inexpensive ingredients, you can also reuse empty makeup containers for storing homemade products. Reusing containers helps reduce the use of plastic and packaging.

These recipes require mixing and whisking the ingredients together to get the right consistency. Simple, everyday tools like a whisk, mixing bowls, and spoons are usually all you need. There is a lot of room for play and customizing scents while you give your whole self-care routine a makeover with natural options.

DIY Natural Makeup Recipes

Make enough mascara for you and all your friends for the same cost as one store-bought tube. You will save heaps of money and look more lovely because there is nothing but healthy ingredients on your face and in your hair. I’m sure you’ll be amazed by how simple it is to make your own all-natural lip gloss, body butter, makeup removal pads, and more!

A mascara brush applicator removed from the tube next to charcoal capsules.
Homemade Mascara Recipe
Making mascara is easier than you might think. First, double boil a small amount of natural ingredients. Then, pour them into a plastic bag once cooled. Next, snip a corner off the plastic bag and squeeze your homemade mascara in an empty mascara container. Simply amazing!
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Peach, red and pink lip gloss in small round containers.
Homemade Lip Gloss
Whip up homemade lip gloss in minutes by following simple step-by-step directions. The secret ingredient, Kool-Aid, creates different shades and yummy flavors. Protect your lips and make them shine with this inexpensive, easy recipe!
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A small perfume jar with black lid.
Make Your Own Natural Perfume
Avoid nasty chemical perfumes and make a fragrance you love. This simple recipe combines beeswax, jojoba oil, and your favorite essential oil or oil blend. There is everything to love about this DIY perfume!
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Whipped body butter in white jar. A jar of coconut oil and a wooden box full of essential oils in the background.
Homemade Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Lemongrass Body Butter makes a luscious gift for a friend or for your own skin. The texture is fantastic, and the process is easy, so don’t skip the experience! From start to finish, this skincare project takes less than an hour.
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Silky smooth legs sugar scrub.
Smooth Legs Sugar Scrub
Apply a bit of this Silky Smooth Legs Sugar Scrub before shaving to moisturize and smooth skin. Your legs will feel like butter, but it’s all thanks to the sugar. This lemony scrub makes skin so soft you’ll want to use it every day!
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DIY dry shampoo ingredients including a small bowl of baking soda, a small bowl of cocoa powder and a spoonful of cornstarch.
DIY Dry Shampoo
Skip the expensive store-bought dry shampoo and make your own version for pennies. DIY Dry Shampoo uses common pantry ingredients you probably already have! Keep your hair looking great between washes with this simple secret, and share the tips with your friends.
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Hair growth oil in a small stopper bottle next to dried calendula flowers and a wooden comb.
Homemade Hair Growth Oil
Restore vitality to your locks with herbal hair growth oil made with calendula and castor oil. This homemade remedy promotes hair growth. It’s amazing that you can grow thick, gorgeous hair with a DIY formula. (1, 3, 4)
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A woman smiling while spraying sea salt spray on hair and next to it is a photo of a blue spray bottle with homemade sea salt hair spray.
DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray
Get beachy waves by spritzing your hair with this Sea Salt Hair Spray. Aloe vera brings the shine and nutrients to your hair, while the salt gives it that “I just got done surfing” look. Customize the spray with your favorite essential oils.
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Cuticle oil dropper bottle on the wooden floor surrounded by dried rose petals next to a white cloth.
DIY Cuticle Oil
Give your nails a clean, manicured finish with DIY cuticle oil. They will look great, and you will love having the money you saved by replicating a salon treatment at home. Once you make this recipe, you will never want to be without it.
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A serum bottle with dropper and oranges in the background.
DIY Vitamin C Serum for Glowing Skin
Keep your skin glowing, fresh, and healthy with DIY Vitamin C Serum. This recipe is best for blotchy skin because you can see results from a recipe that only calls for four ingredients. (5, 6, 7)
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Make up remover pads in a clear jar and on a blue washcloth.
DIY Makeup Remover
Get eyeliner off in a cinch with DIY Makeup Remover Pads. These homemade pads will also save money compared to buying them at the store. Plus, they make great gifts for your cat-eyed friends.
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More Easy Homemade Beauty Ideas

Men need face care too, don’t leave them out of the beauty regimen! Try this Beard Balm recipe to beautify even the most unruly beard.