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4 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes for Beginners

Melt and pour soap recipes remove all the intimidating aspects of soapmaking and leave you with just the fun and easy parts. With minimal time, effort, and money, these recipes welcome beginners through the door of the fascinating world of homemade soap.

Melt and Pour Soap Recipes, Easy Ideas for Beginners collage.

Melt and Pour Soap Base Recipes

I bet these easy homemade soap recipes without lye will take you by surprise. That’s right, these are 100% lye-free! 

Melt and pour soap has already gone through the process of saponification; therefore, there’s no need for you to deal with any chemicals. The melt and pour process is as easy as melting and pouring. 

The hardest part might be deciding which recipe to start with. So go ahead and take a look at the free recipes below. They are all tried and true recipes without pdfs to download or products to buy.

How Do You Make Simple Melt and Pour Soap?

There’s no doubt, this is the easiest way to make soap. 

The base of every melt and pour soap recipe is a premade soap base. 

Begin by cutting your base material into small cubes. 

Next, melt it either in a double boiler on the stovetop or in the microwave. 

Once it is liquid, stir in your essential oils, herbs, colors or whatever else makes the soap special.

After this, pour your soap base into silicone soap molds. 

Then, allow your soap to set for about 45 minutes. 

You’re finished when the soap has hardened. It’s so quick! There’s no long curing process to track or need to flip them over for a few days. It only takes one hour until these soaps are done and ready for use. 

I suggest wrapping a few pieces in parchment paper and securing them with ribbon. Save these to share as thoughtful handmade gifts for Mom or an upcoming anniversary.

It’s so easy to get the hang of the melt-and-pour technique. These are great recipes for beginners!

Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes for Beginners

If you have held off making soap because you didn’t want to bother with lye and chemical processes, then these melt and pour recipes are for you. Just melting the soap base gets you more than halfway to having your own homemade soaps. Then, you are free to customize your soap with colors, essential oils, flowers, and designs of your choosing.

A bar of turmeric soap on a wooden board surrounded by tiny flowers.
DIY Turmeric Soap
This recipe makes a homemade face soap with skin-healing properties to remedy acne, dark spots, and red, irritated skin while bringing about a natural glow. The easy melt-and-pour method only takes 20 minutes before the soap is ready to set and then use.
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Three white oats soap bars next to a honey dipper.
Honey Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap
Goat milk, oats, and honey make this soothing soap almost good enough to eat. Three ingredients are all you need to give this recipe a go. As a matter of fact, in less than an hour, you’ll have your own softening, sweet-smelling soap your skin will love.
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Two rainbow-colored soap bars next to two colorful paper straws.
Homemade Rainbow Layered Soap
Break off a bit of the rainbow with this soap and add some cosmetic glitter while you’re at it. Adults and kids alike will want to get in on the fun with this DIY rainbow layered soap. Learn the simple tips and tricks to make multi-colored soap gifts for the whole family.
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Lavender soap bars tied using a twine next to purple flowers.
Homemade Lavender Soap
The lavender petals and essential oil make this soap lovely to see and to smell. The straightforward process will inspire you to make these pretty melt and pour soaps if nothing else. This recipe is a perfect one for beginners.
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Green herbal round soaps each attached to a string and placed on top of a purple towel.
Herbal Soap with Aloe Vera & Nettle
This unique herbal soap uses super nourishing donkey milk as its base. The combination of aloe vera and stinging nettles makes it even more effective. Finish these off with a clever touch by stringing each soap on a rope.
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More Easy Homemade Soap Recipes

For a gift or occasion, impress that special someone with our melt and pour Rose Soap Recipe (Valentine’s Day Soap). Its luxurious scent is sure to be a favorite. You can also check out my new essential oil blends for soap, which include combos like lavender + peppermint, orange +vanilla, and other awesome scents fit for all kinds of moods!