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Last Minute Gifts For Mom on Her Special Day

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your mom on her special day but only have a little time left, don’t worry. We have you covered. Pick one of these last-minute gift ideas to make your mom feel loved and appreciated.

Last minute gifts for mom on her special day.

For an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or personal achievement, getting a gift for Mom is an opportunity to show your love. From personalized items to unique experiences, these gifts will show your mom how much she means to you. Whether you need something fast or more thoughtful and meaningful, these last-minute gifts will make her smile from ear to ear.

Explore and Pick your Favorite

Moms are special people who are always there for us, no matter what. Ordering a gift online or quickly running to the shop because you just forgot is not an option. Go deeper. Let her feel that you took your time to be creative, as that is what she will appreciate even more. 

Daughter giving a gift to her mom.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a traditional and easy way to show your love and appreciation. Put together a basket filled with your mom’s favorite treats, beauty products, or pampering items. 

A soothing bath set with bath oils, beeswax candles, and an enjoyable book could be a terrific selection. 

A culinary gift basket with chocolate strawberries, hot chocolate mix, vino, and unique cheeses could be a delightful surprise for a food-loving mom.

Get creative and put your spin on it, and your mom will appreciate the effort you put into creating a one-of-a-kind gift just for her.

DIY Crafts

If you are crafty, create a homemade gift that your mom can cherish forever. A photo album, scrapbook filled with memories, or a hand-painted picture frame can be a great option. 

If your mom is handy and enjoys DIY, choose gifts you can work on together, like painting a room, building a birdhouse, or planting a garden. You can also help her with a project she wants to do but needs more time.

Spending quality time together and creating something special will be a gift that lasts long after the day.

Red gift box with white bow. Letters spelling MOM.

Personalized Experiences or Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a hit, showing that you have put thought and effort into them.

Book a spa day for her, take her out for a fancy dinner or plan a surprise weekend getaway.

You can create a custom piece of jewelry with her initials or birthstone or get her a custom-made photo book filled with pictures of her favorite memories.

You can also have a special message engraved on a piece of home decor or a piece of jewelry.

The idea is to create a memory that she will hold close to her heart for years.

Cooking or Baking

If your mom is a fan of cooking or baking, treat her with a break from the kitchen by preparing her beloved dish or dessert like this no-bake blueberry cheesecake. Surprise her with breakfast in bed, plan an outdoor meal in the park, or host a thoughtful Mother’s Day dinner with all her favorite foods and show her how much she means to you.

Alternatively, you can book her a cooking lesson or get her a cookery kit to help her master something new.


Capture your childhood memories and present them to your mom in a unique and special way. Write down your favorite stories or moments with her and show them in a journal or scrapbook. Create a slideshow with family photos or plan a family reunion to bring everyone together. 

Your mom will appreciate the effort you put into capturing the memories you both hold dear to your heart.

A woman resting with closed eyes and face mask applied to the face.

Spa Day

Treat your mom to a day of relaxation and pampering with a spa day gift. 

Book a massage, facial, or mani-pedi appointment. Let her escape from the daily routine.

You can also put together a spa kit with bath bombs, exfoliating scrubs, lotions, and face masks to create a spa-like atmosphere for her home.

She will be able to relax and unwind and enjoy a little pampering. If mom likes getting pampered, these luxury gifts for her might appeal as well.

Day Trip

Take your mom out for an enjoyable day of adventure.

Select her favorite pastime — hiking, visiting a museum or exploring a new locale. If you are feeling bold, you could arrange a short beach holiday. The goal is to spend quality time together while creating some new memories.

Picture Perfect Moment

Capture a special moment with your mom in a unique way. 

Plan a photoshoot or create a piece of art featuring only the two of you. Fit it into the frame so she can hang it in her home. 

Every day she sees it, it will remind her of the memories and love you share.

Night In

Spending a cozy night at home with your mom can be a perfect way to celebrate her day. 

Cook dinner together, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a movie marathon. Choose a few of her favorite movies or opt for something new that you both have not seen before. 

If movies are not your thing, you can always play games or do a puzzle together. This is a great way to spend some extra quality time together. You can also use this time to catch up and chat about what has been going on in each other’s lives.

To make the night even more unique, consider adding some small touches, like creating a charcuterie board or getting some special treats for dessert like sacher torte

A girl giving a DIY gift to her mom that says I heart mom.

Class or Workshop

Celebrating your mom’s day by signing up for a class or workshop together can be a great way to spend extra quality time. 

Sign up for a cooking class, photography workshop, or painting class. You can learn something new, make mistakes together and share a laugh while exploring new hobbies and activities. 

Most important, it will bond you two together even more. Something that will never be forgotten. 

Surprise Adventure

If your mom is into adventures, why not surprise her with something that will take her out of her comfort zone?

Pick skydiving to get her adrenaline pumping and provide a memorable experience. If that is too extreme, try indoor skydiving. 

Another great idea is to take a hot air balloon ride. The experience of floating in the air with a bird’s eye view of the landscape can be breathtaking. It is a peaceful and scenic way to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and make lasting memories.

You could consider a water rafting trip if your mom loves the water. This will provide a fun and adventurous day, perfect for those looking for excitement.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something your mom will enjoy, and ensure everything is safe and organized.

Virtual Experience

If you cannot be with your mom in person, there are ways to celebrate her special day together. 

“My mom and I live far enough apart that we need to travel a bit to see each other. When I need a last minute gift, I buy something local I think she’ll enjoy—a local wine, cheese, candle, or craft all make excellent gifts.”

Genevieve La Rocca, Two Cloves Kitchen

Plan a virtual experience you both can participate in from the comfort of your own homes. You could attend a virtual concert featuring one of her favorite artists. You can take a virtual tour of a museum or historical site.

Or you could have a virtual movie night or play games together online for something more laid back. 

Regardless of your choice, make sure it is something you will enjoy and participate in together. 

With some planning and creativity, a virtual experience can be just as unique as an in-person celebration.

Final Note

These last-minute gift ideas are perfect for those who want to do something a little bit different and extra special for their mom. Pick the one that speaks to you, and make her day special like never before.

No matter your gift, your mom will appreciate the thought and effort you put into making her day special. She will for sure feel loved and appreciated. 

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Tuesday 9th of May 2023

These ideas saved me! Sometimes it seems so simple after you read it, but I was so stuck on what to buy, I hadn't even thought of spending time with her instead ;)

Jessica Haggard

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

There are some very thoughtful ideas here - so many better options than just a gift card! Happy to help.


Monday 8th of May 2023

I was feeling so stuck on gift ideas for my mom. Thanks for loads of inspiration!

Jessica Haggard

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

I'm happy to help Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by to read this post.