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9 Quick and Easy 5-Ingredient Dessert Recipes

Thanks to 5 ingredient dessert recipes, satiating a sweet tooth isn’t complicated! So whether you are entertaining company or serving family dessert on Wednesday, these easy recipes are the ticket for simple yet delicious treats.

Quick and easy 5-ingredient oven baked dessert recipes collage.

Easy Dessert Recipes to Make at Home

Are you looking for easy dessert recipes with limited ingredients? Look no further because we have a plethora of five-ingredient or less recipes to try!.

There is no need to trek to an expensive restaurant for fancy desserts like creme brulee or molten lava cake. Surprise! They are not fancy. Instead, you can make them yourself with ingredients you probably already have stocked in your kitchen.

I’m sure you will save so much money with these quick and easy ideas. Plus, they will help you rethink dessert. As in, brownies made from sweet potatoes? Yes. Cookies from a cake mix? Yes, ma’am.

Dive into the recipes below and let your imagination run. Any of these desserts can be yours with minimal effort!

How to Make Simple Dessert Recipes

Choose a sweet treat and note the five or fewer ingredients needed. You may already have them on hand. If not, get them at your local store. No specialty items are required.

There are no surprises in regards to kitchen equipment either. If you are making cookies, you’ll need a cookie sheet. For a dump cake, you can’t be without a baking dish. At most, you’ll need a hand mixer if you are going for the Flourless Chocolate Torte.

Simple desserts are ready to eat in much less than an hour!

Save these recipes and add them to your meal plan app today so that you can stay on track!

9 Easy Dessert Recipes with Few Ingredients

From late-night dessert recipes to your everyday cookie, we have you covered. These recipes satisfy every sugar craving. Revel in the sweet simplicity of each of these deliciously indulgent and easy to make desserts!

Hazelnut creme brûlée in white dish garnished with whole and crushed hazelnuts.
Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Brulee
Who knew you could make Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Brulee with only five ingredients? One of the ingredients is Nutella, I might add. The fancy dessert with the creamy custard and the crunchy burnt sugar crust is surprisingly easy!
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5-ingredient brownies stacked up on a plate with almond nuts.
5-Ingredient Brownies
These 5-ingredient brownies are super delicious, fudgy, and even healthy! Treat the whole family to fudgy, paleo brownies. No sugar needed, just rich, chocolatey deliciousness.
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Cherry dump cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a white bowl.
Cherry Dump Cake
Cherry Dump Cake with Almonds is fabulously convenient. Dump five ingredients in a baking pan and bake! Just one baking dish, not even a bowl to mix in.
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Three protein chocolate chip cookies stacked together with two bottles of milk in the background.
Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies
Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies also use just one bowl! Five ingredients and one bowl is a combination I like! They are so healthy and delicious; you can enjoy them at any meal of the day.
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4-ingredient cool whip cookies.
Cool Whip Cookies
Talk about a quick cookie! These Cool Whip Cookies are insanely easy with only four ingredients. So pick out your favorite cake mix and get to baking!
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A close up photo of strawberry brownies cut in squares with one turned upright.
Strawberry Brownies Recipe with Creamy Frosting
Strawberry brownies are not brown at all. They are pretty, pink, and only require four ingredients to make! The recipe does come with the option of adding a glaze.
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Sweet potato brownies on a cooking rack.
3 Ingredient Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies
Stop what you are doing and make these three-ingredient healthy brownies right now. Ok, you can finish reading the blog first. Once you have your baked sweet potatoes, these yummy brownies only take 5 minutes to make!
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A slice of chocolate torte garnished with powdered sugar on a plate with a pink rose.
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Flourless Chocolate Torte is a mix between a traditional chocolate cake and a molten chocolate lava cake. This utter decadence can be yours with only five ingredients. Plus, it freezes perfectly, so if you don’t eat it all in one go save the leftovers for later.
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Two chocolate concrete stacked together with pink frosting on a white plate.
Easy Chocolate Concrete
This four-ingredient recipe will zoom you back to the cafeteria room. Remember the Chocolate Concrete? It’s crumbly, crunchy, and retro!
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