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21 Best Christmas Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls She’ll Love

Finding the best Christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls can be a bit of a head-scratcher. They’re at the age where they’re not quite kids anymore but not quite teenagers either. They are discovering new interests and forming their sense of style. 

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Whether she’s into technology, creativity, or sports, there’s a world of gift opportunities to explore. This article lists the ultimate gift guide you can get for your tween girl to make her holiday season a lot more memorable. Once you get your littlest one sorted, jump into these gifts for adult children next.

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Doctor Jupiter’s Science Experiment Kit

The ultimate girl’s science kit transforms your little princess into a young scientist and is packed with over 135 science experiments.

From beakers and test tubes to measuring tools and non-toxic substances, it includes everything a 12-year-old needs to conduct hands-on experiments. It’s like having her own science lab right at home, except without the danger of hazardous chemicals or breakable glass. 

With videos, instruction manuals, and other resources included, this kit is an excellent way to engage her curious mind while providing hours of entertainment. Just make sure to supervise her experiments and be there for post-experiment clean-up; those mini volcanoes won’t tidy up themselves!

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is a portable ebook reader with a built-in dictionary. With it, your little princess can access an extensive collection of books and audiobooks at the touch of a screen. 

The Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof with an IPX8 rating, meaning it’ll work even after being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. She can take it with her to the beach, at the pool, or outside during rainy days. 

To ensure she stays focused on reading, the Paperwhite allows you to set reading goals, track her reading progress, and limit access to certain web browsing features. This way, it can only ever be used for reading. 


If your 12-year-old loves cute stuff, she’ll adore Squishmallows—cute and squishy plushies with a surprising amount of lore (and a dedicated online community).

These irresistibly huggable plushies come in various colors, sizes, and designs, from magical unicorns and colorful dragons to cuddly pandas and multicolored octopuses. 

They’re made from soft spandex and stuffed with top-grade polyester fiber, which gives them that signature plush and cuddly feel. They’re the perfect companions during bedtime snuggles, long car rides, and movie marathons.

Paint by Number Kit 

Bring out your 12-year-old’s inner Van Gogh with the Wings Giant Paint by Number Kit. This set comes with 30 acrylic paint pots, five brushes, and three canvases with numbered designs. 

The paints are free of harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and creative experience, making this gift a great choice for your young artist. Once completed, her artistic creations can become a statement piece of art, transforming her room’s decor and showcasing her talent. They will be a great addition on the wall of any homeschooling space.

Finishing a large-scale project will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment within her, reinforcing her self-esteem. And who knows? She might develop a new hobby that brings her endless joy and fulfillment. 

DIY Wall Collage Kit

Unlock your 12-year-old’s inner artist with the DIY Wall Collage Kit. It features 1,000+ photographs, prints, stickers, and letterings, as well as hanging strings, wall-safe tape, and foam blocks. 

There are lots of pieces to bring her bedroom walls and furniture to life!

Super 3D Pen

If your little tween girl is interested in 3D printing, consider getting her a Super 3D Pen. It allows a budding artist to create three-dimensional designs and sculptures within minutes, taking doodling to a whole new level.

Designed with comfort in mind, this 3D kit boasts a lightweight, ergonomic stylus that fits perfectly in the hand. The pen’s adjustable temperature settings allow for precise control over the melting process, ensuring her creations are as detailed as she wants them to be. 

With fun gifts like this, she can make intricate jewelry, mini buildings, and toys, all while gaining a deeper appreciation for tech and art.  

Ice Cream Slime Kit

If your 12-year-old loves watching slime ASMR on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, she’ll be over the moon with the Ice Cream Slime Kit. With this kit, she can mix and create her own slime ice cream in just a few steps.

Apart from the activator, glue, and mixing items, it also comes with accessories like cherries, chocolate and candy sprinkles, and ice cream cones. The ingredients are 100% hypoallergenic, so she can enjoy hours of creative fun without worrying about skin sensitivities or allergies.

Kawaii Dangle Earrings

This set features 28 pairs of earrings, each with its own unique and cute design. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of fun and quirkiness to your little girl’s outfit of the day, a centerpiece that’ll undoubtedly capture her friends’ attention.

The earrings are made from high-quality resin, so they’re fairly durable and of great quality. They’re not too big or too heavy, providing both comfort and style. 

Journal Kit 

The Pretty Me Journal Kit gives your tween girl a space to jot down her deepest and most private thoughts, making it an excellent channel for self-expression and introspection. 

The kit includes a 70-page journal complemented with fancy stickers, bookmarks, patterned papers, and embellishments such as decorative cutouts. 

Custom Neon Sign

Add a personalized touch to your 12-year-old’s space with a custom neon sign by ShineMyWay. This custom sign is available in multiple sizes, fonts, and colors, from classic neon hues to custom rainbow glows. 

All you have to do is leave a detailed comment when checking out, and the company will craft a customized piece for you.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Teenage girls spend a lot of time in their rooms, doing whatever it is teen girls do in their spare time. So, why not turn your little girl’s space into the ultimate “chill” zone while she’s in there? 

The Chill Sack is a comfortable bean bag that elevates a reading, gaming, or TV watching experience. It comes in various colors, sizes, and textures to match your little kid’s room decor and personal style, from soft suede to smooth microfiber. 

Unlike most bean bags, the Chill Sack is made from high-quality memory foam rather than Styrofoam pellets (that always end up making a mess in my house). It’s like a giant, fluffy marshmallow that molds into her body, making it as cozy as it is functional.

Nymph Makeup Kit 

If you’ve caught your 12-year-old using your makeup one too many times, it might be a good time to get her her own makeup kit. 

The Nymph Makeup Kit is a gentle introduction to the world of makeup, featuring cosmetics that are lighter and more age-appropriate than adult versions. It includes items such as lip balm, lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, contour palettes, and brushes, among others. 

With this kit, you can spend time together applying makeup, sharing beauty tips, and creating special memories as she navigates this phase of self-discovery.

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Schwinn Destiny and Baywood Cruiser Bike

For a young girl with an adventurous spirit, the Schwinn Cruiser Bike is her gateway to outdoor fun and exploration. Whether she’s cruising the neighborhood, biking down the beach, or exploring trails, this bike will become her trusty companion. 

The Schwinn Cruiser Bike is available in four pastel colors, including baby blue, pink, mint green, and white. It features durable, lightweight alloy rims, reliable coaster brakes, and all-terrain tires for safe and fun rides. 

PlayStation 5 Console

If price isn’t a concern, the PlayStation 5 is a no-brainer for game-obsessed little girls. With its lightning-fast load times and powerful graphics engine, this console allows your 12-year-old to explore vast open worlds, engage in epic battles, or harvest her thousandth crop in her virtual farm. 

The accompanying DualSense controller provides haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, making every action in video games feel real and immersive. To complete the gift, it’s worth subscribing to PlayStation Plus to give your young girl access to free and discounted video games.

Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly and portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is the way to go. It offers the flexibility to play games on the TV or in handheld mode, making it perfect for gaming on the go or spending a lazy day in bed. 

Nintendo’s extensive video games library includes titles for all ages, from cozy games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley to action-packed ones like Pokemon and Mario.

Affirmator Card Deck

The Affirmator Card Deck is a set of cards with different positive affirmations and uplifting messages. They’re designed to boost the mood, inspire confidence, and promote a positive outlook on life. 

Whenever your 12-year-old feels down and needs a quick lift-me-up, she can flip through these cards. They’ll remind your little kid that she’s incredible just the way she is, that she’s strong, smart, and capable of amazing things. 

Hair Chalk 

With the Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk, your 12-year-old can color her hair in wacky, fun and vibrant colors without permanently damaging it. It washes out with regular shampoo, so it’s a great way to experiment with vibrant hues without the commitment of traditional hair dye. 

The kit features ten different colors, including blue, orange, green, and purple. Each chalk pen allows for up to 80 applications.

Twelve can be a tough age for girls, so an experience gift can be a good way for moms and daughters to spend time together. Consider a Spa Date as a Christmas gift for this age group. Picture a manicure, pedicure, facial, and hand massage followed by a light lunch together as a memorable afternoon.

— Sarita Harbour, Thrive at Home

Eilik the Cute Robot Pet

Eilik is an interactive, kid-friendly alternative to Siri. This AI companion is ready to answer questions, play games, tell jokes, and even “play fight” in a way that’s engaging and appropriate for young minds. 

It has a range of emotions, interactive features, and playful animations, making it an ideal digital companion for children. It entertains, educates, and fosters creativity through roleplaying. 

Asimom Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

The Asimom Portable Bluetooth Speaker is equal parts cute and functional. Despite its small size, the audio quality is impressive and crisp, making it easy to hear. 

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing with multiple devices within 33 feet, whether it’s a tablet, a mobile phone, or a laptop. It also supports a micro SD card for on-the-go music without needing an external connection. 

Galaxy Lights Projector

The Galaxy Lights Projector transforms a room into a cosmic wonderland. It covers the entire space with stars and nebulae of varying colors. 

With it, your 12-year-old can change the colors, adjust the brightness, and even connect it to her mobile phone to play music. It also has a timer feature, allowing her to fall asleep under the stars without worrying about turning it off. 

Pyle Acoustic Guitar Kit 

For the musically inclined 12-year-old, you can’t go wrong with the Pyle Acoustic Guitar Kit.

This beginner-friendly guitar set features everything she needs to start her musical journey. Apart from the guitar itself, the kit comes with a carry case, spare guitar strings, a pitch pipe tuner, and picks. 

To get her started on the right foot, it also includes a two-month free online course with 3,000+ video lessons and 80,000 song tracks. 

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Gift for 12-Year-Old Girls

When buying the perfect gift for a 12-year-old girl, it’s important to consider her preferences and interests. The tween years are a unique blend of discovery and expression, and selecting great gift ideas can be a gateway to creating memorable moments during this transformative stage. So, think beyond the usual gift cards and infuse a bit of creativity into the process and score some bonus points.

Smart shopping expert Loshane A. Vasilyeva from Cabana Catalogs suggests, “When you’re looking for gift suggestions for girls in middle school, think about things that can help them become more independent, express themselves and engage with others. From books and art kits, to gadgets and sports gear pick gifts that match their personality and interests.”

Interests and Hobbies 

Ask yourself this: What does she do in her spare time? Does she draw, play sports, or spend her time playing online games? 

Choosing a gift related to her interests will make it more meaningful and enjoyable. It’ll also guarantee that your 12-year-old loves and actually uses these great presents instead of discarding them in the back of her closet after Christmas. 

Educational Value 

If possible, look for awesome gifts that have educational benefits. Search for a good book, the best toys, science kits, DIY projects, board games, or devices that promote problem-solving, learning, and creativity in a way that’s both fun and enriching. You want the gift to leave a lasting positive impact on their development. 

Here are some examples: 

  • STEM toys and kits 
  • Coding and programming devices 
  • Educational subscriptions (on a topic she’s interested in)
  • Art and craft supplies (for DIY soap making or fun bath confetti)
  • Books that inspire 
Two children in santa hats sitting on a couch.
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What’s Trending 

When picking a gift for a 12-year-old, it’s worth browsing the ‘net to see what’s trending in her inner circle and age group. 

If you don’t mind splurging, consider gifts like the latest tablet, quirky items, cell phone, virtual reality headsets, or gaming consoles. 

It is also a great idea to go for fashion and accessory items, like branded merchandise featuring their favorite TV show character, musician, or influencer. If she’s an avid reader, look for popular book series or graphic novels in genres she enjoys.  


Always work on a budget. Don’t be swayed by your young girl’s (not so subtle) suggestions for expensive or coolest gifts, especially if said expensive items don’t add much value to their personal development. 

Instead, focus on gifts that have a meaningful and lasting impact, one that fosters growth, happiness, and, to an extent, a sense of responsibility. If you do decide to buy a big-ticket item, make sure that it isn’t just a passing trend that will be forgotten within a few months. 


I hope this list of the best Christmas gifts for 12-year-olds inspired you on what to buy your budding teen during the holidays. Remember: the best gifts are those that reflect her unique personality and provide opportunities for growth and joy. 

Here’s to another stress-free holiday season filled with love, togetherness, and the joy of giving!


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