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1st Birthday Party Decorations (For Girl and Boy)

Is your little one transitioning from a baby to a toddler? That’s a reason to celebrate! Make your party memorable yet simple with these easy homemade 1st Birthday Party Decorations.

1st birthday party decorations.

Does it seem like you were making waves just yesterday with your big pregnancy reveal? Here you are now with a one-year-old!

Easy DIY Birthday Party Decorations

Mama, this last year has been full-on, hasn’t it? Having a baby is so precious and watching the sweet dear grow is even better. Let’s celebrate and commemorate this momentous occasion!

Know that this is the first of many celebrations and milestones, although you still have a long road ahead before you look into some 18th birthday party ideas for your child. For now, let’s focus on your little one’s first ever birthday!

Decorations are pretty essential since they give a vibe to the party. But what’s more important is that everyone has fun at the party, MAMAS INCLUDED.

That means prep has got to be simple for us. These easy, DIY decor ideas help us liven up the space without burning us out.

How to Decorate for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Give yourself as much time as possible to prepare for the party. Start by looking around your house for supplies you already have. Free is best. Then, gather whatever other materials you need from the thrift store, craft store, or online. 

Craft, cut, glue, and blow up balloons with enough time to clean up and catch your breath after. 

Make your home a clean slate, as much as possible, and begin the decorating process the day before. You may want to decorate your entrance, the cake table, and the activity space. Balloon arcs are an easy project you can add anywhere!

Do what you can and enjoy the process. Remember: it’s as much a party for you as it is for your baby. Ahem, one year old.

Once the party is over, pack away the best of the decor for the next baby down the line. If you have room in your garage, storing plastic bins with party gear is a great way to save things for future parties.

Easy Homemade Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Set the stage for countless photo ops of your baby turning one! These simple birthday party decoration ideas for kids at home will make the party colorful and engaging for all. Your boy or girl  will be in big-eyed wonder, and you will have done it all without the stress. 

A rainbow balloon arch with stars and balloons.
How to make a balloon arch
Balloon arches add instant flair to any event. Imagine a vibrant row of balloons, gracefully curved, forming an eye-catching entrance or a stunning backdrop. Creating a balloon arch doesn't demand a degree in design, but it does involve some careful placement and a bit of patience. With the right balloons and a dash of creativity, you're on your way to a festive focal point that's sure to be a hit.
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Text: Wild one first birthday party, includes links for everything you need. Calling all party animals, Archer is turning a wild one.
DIY Wild One First Birthday Party
A ‘Wild One’ first birthday party is an appropriate theme, at least for my wild ones. The book “Where the Wild Things Are” provides a lot of inspiration for this decor. Plus, decorating with big jungle leaves is fun and cheap.
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A baby in front of a table with a tractor cake and a one banner with farm theme.
Farm Themed 1st Birthday Highchair Banner
Keep up with trends and make a popular First Birthday High Chair Banner. It frames the picture perfectly when the one-year-old goes in for his first bite of birthday cake. Use the tutorial shared here to make your own version and customize it how you like best.
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Number one table decor wrapped with yellow yarn and decorated with three purple flowers.
Yarn Wrapped Number 1
This decoration idea is a combo of my favorite things: adorable, easy, and cheap. Simply wrap a big cardboard number 1 in yarn. It’s a totally doable DIY decor idea.
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DIY owl pinata.
Awesome Owl Piñata
This homemade Owl Piñata will be a hit for the little ones (literally). It may go over the one-year-old’s head (pun intended), but it’s not too complicated for us mamas to make.
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DIY butterfly balloons collage.
DIY Butterfly Balloons
These butterfly balloons are just so pretty and perfect for a girl party! For less than ten bucks, get 60 total butterfly decals, in varying sizes. Then, all you do is tape them on with double-sided tape.
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Miniature balloon garland cake topper.
Balloon Garland Cake Topper
Mini Balloon Garland Cake Toppers could not be cuter. See how easy it is to make your own with this tutorial. Best yet, all the materials needed are easy to find!
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Throw an amazing birthday party at home.
Monster Birthday Party at Home
A monster birthday party is easy to decorate yourself. Put a few eyes and a crooked smile on a cake, and there you have it. Bright colors and googley eyes go a long way with this theme.
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The best rainbow birthday ides collage.
Rainbow Party
There’s lots of room for creativity with these rainbow birthday party ideas. Included in this blog are tons of rainbow crafts and games you can play as well as free printables. For instance, design your dessert table with every color using fruit and more.
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Chalkboard birthday party sign.
Firetruck Birthday Party
The Fire Truck theme lends itself to countless decor ideas, from hats to T-shirts. Just think: red, bold, and protective. So have fun transforming your living room into a Fire Station for an afternoon.
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More Homemade Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Gift your boy a homemade card with one of these bible verses about sons on the cover or in a message inside. Spell it out in your finest script or craft a digital card. Either way, adding a sentimental note is sure to make it memorable.