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Easy No-Knead Bread Recipes For Artisan Loaves, Focaccia, Rolls

There’s no excuse not to enjoy more homemade bakery goods when you have these easy no-knead bread recipes at your fingertips! From appetizers like Focaccia and Cheese and Bacon Rolls to artisan classics like Dutch Oven Bread and Sourdough, there’s a bread for every meal.

9 easy no-knead bread recipes for the perfect homemade loaf.

Homemade Bread is Best

There are many reasons to master these simple recipes and start making your own bread.

For starters, from-scratch recipes will save you money on your grocery bill.

You’ll also know what ingredients are in your bread. When you make bread yourself, you control what goes in the recipe. Homemade options always avoid chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, and other food-like ingredients.

Top it all off with that old-fashioned feeling of self-sufficiency and good-for-you vibes that you made such delicious food all by yourself. Baking bread is a classic life skill that will never go out of style.

Serve with any of these breads with

How to Make No-Knead Bread

No-knead bread recipes have a few core methods in common.

First, mix the dry ingredients together.

Second, stir in water (usually warm) to activate the yeast.

Some recipes will say this dough needs to sit overnight to rise naturally. Other recipes are ready to bake right away. It all depends on what you’re trying to do.

Next comes baking! A preheated oven is non-negotiable. It’s worth waiting until you’re sure the oven is hot enough before adding the bread.

Finally, remove your golden brown bread from the oven and let it cool slightly before slicing and serving.

See how easy home bread making is?

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Homemade No-Knead Bread Recipes

Save money on bakery staples by learning how to make them yourself! The smell of fresh baked bread will fill your home and put a happy smile on everyone around.

Garlic bread sticks in a white bowl.
Easy Garlic Breadsticks
Let’s kick off this collection of homemade bread recipes with soft and chewy breadsticks! Nix the fussy steps of multiple rising cycles with this no-knead bread recipe. It's super flavorful and perfectly compliments any Italian dinner.
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A piece of bread, freshly baked and placed on a cooling rack.
Super Simple No-Knead Focaccia Bread
I had no idea homemade focaccia could be so easy! Since the dough rises overnight, the hardest part is planning ahead. However, because this is such a nice recipe to share with dinner guests, it's worth considering. I can't wait to try the light and fluffy bread myself!
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A blue Dutch oven filled with freshly baked no-knead bread.
Easy Dutch Oven No-Knead Bread
This delicious crusty Dutch oven bread only calls for 4 ingredients! Yahoo! Prep the loaf in 5 minutes and sit back to enjoy a delicious homemade bread. It looks like it came from a fancy bakery but was really made in your very own home!
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Easy no-knead Damper bread on a round wooden cutting board next to a butter.
Traditional food recipes hold a special place in my heart. The Australian Damper is no exception. Transform simple, everyday ingredients into a delicious bread loaf! It’s so easy; you can even make it over a fire with camping.
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A tray of bacon and cheese biscuits on a baking sheet.
4-Ingredient Cheese and Bacon Rolls
These soft and fluffy rolls can change your entire dinner routine. Not only are they extra flavorful, but they are also ready in just 30 minutes! Let’s say that again, you only need one-half hour to prepare and bake these. Incredible.
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A loaf of no-knead bread on a rustic wooden cutting board.
No-Knead Sourough
Sourdough can be a tricky beast to tame. However, thanks to this no-knead sourdough recipe, I’m confident anyone can make it! The toasty golden crust is irresistible!
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A slice of cornbread on a black plate being drizzled with honey.
Southern Skillet Cornbread
Even if you’re not from the South, you’ll love this recipe. It’s Southern comfort food at its finest. The moist, buttery bread only bakes for 20 minutes before it’s ready to serve! Pair the golden bread with a warm soup like chili or black-eyed pea soup. You can’t go wrong.
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A no-knead bread loaf on a cutting board with a knife.
Easy Slow Cooker Olive Bread
Remember this recipe when the winter holidays roll around, and you’re in a non-stop baking flurry. You can cook this homemade olive bread in a slow cooker! Save the oven for roasted turkey and yams while the slow cooker bakes the rustic loaf for you.
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A loaf of no-knead white bread on a cutting board.
Homemade White Bread in the Air Fryer
Do you love all these creative ways to make homemade bread? If so, you don’t want to miss this recipe. Perfect the ideal fluffy white bead in an air fryer! That’s right; the air fryer can do just about anything, including baking bread!
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