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5 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Dress up your table in a flash with these quick and easy Thanksgiving centerpieces. Your guests will feast their eyes on more than just the food before them as they enjoy the seasonal table decor. They will never know you made them with just a little time and minimal cost!

5 Easy DIY Centerpieces for Thanksgiving Perfect for the Last-Minute collage.

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

When we bring our friends and family around the table to celebrate and serve the annual smoked turkey, we want to make it as special as possible. From the food to the conversation, everything can be memorable! 

A Thanksgiving centerpiece is what you need to pull your party together and top it off with a final flourish.

Make these table decor ideas in minutes with materials you probably already have in your house. Every featured centerpiece is super cheap to make yet provides a look of rustic elegance. 

Besides your uncle’s inappropriate behavior, give your family something to talk about with these homemade Thanksgiving decorations.

How to Make DIY Fall Centerpieces

There is a lot of room for improvisation with these centerpiece ideas. So, pop a 3-ingredient pumpkin bread recipe in the oven, brew a pumpkin spice latte and sit down to let your crafty side shine.

Most of them use what harvest time naturally provides: leaves, pumpkins, antlers, and other seasonal materials. Gather them up and arrange them creatively, then step back and admire your handiwork.

Each table decoration has its own spin on celebrating the season. From tying up maple leaves into roses to filling rustic boxes with fall fruits, the centerpieces use what is readily available, making each project very doable.

With a little effort, minimal planning, and a pinch of creativity, you can keep the vibe completely stress-free while you decorate your home this year. 

If you can, save the centerpieces in a box and reuse them again during the next holiday season! Anytime we can get ahead on party prep is a time to be grateful, so let’s take advantage of it.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces

There are a million things to consider when hosting a Thanksgiving party, so having last-minute decor ideas can save the day! From recreating grandma’s recipes to meeting everyone’s dietary restrictions and dodging family blowouts, we have our hands full. Table decor needs to be festive, yes, but ideally, achievable in 10 minutes. These DIY decor ideas will dress up your table while leaving plenty of time left to dress the turkey.

White pumpkin with "thankful" written on it in blue ink next to white and blue glass vases with yellow roses and red flowers.
Thankful Pumpkin Centerpiece
This table decor doubles as a fun fall tradition. Painted pumpkins are the backdrop for the family to write what they are grateful for, hence "thankful pumpkins." It's an easy centerpiece that gets to the heart of the holiday.
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Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece.
Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece
This Thanksgiving centerpiece will make a great conversation piece for a family gathered around a long table. The base is a long, open box that you can fill with all kinds of fall decor items such as antlers, pinecones, mini-pumpkins or branches. Display your box on a simple yet appropriate burlap table runner, and you have yourself a very affordable table decor for the season.
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Large white pumpkin in the middle of small white pumpkins and different varieties of squash designed with leaves and yellow flowers in a wooden tray.
DIY Fall Decor Rustic Centerpiece
In ten minutes, you can throw together an impressive centerpiece with a rustic look. Best of all, you can get the bulk of your items from the grocery store. Fill a box or bowl with pumpkins, squashes, whole walnuts, and moss covered rocks your children find outside.
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DIY maple leaves roses in a clear glass vase.
Maple Leaf Roses
This DIY craft gives us something to do with those beautiful falling leaves: twist them up into roses and display them on your table! Bouquets of crimson and saffron colored maple leaves will liven up any Thanksgiving table. It's a stunning idea that is easy for anyone to achieve.
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3D colorful paper pumpkin crafts with white wood background.
DIY 3D Paper Pumpkin Craft
These whimsical 3D pumpkins are an ideal craft to make with kids. Plus, they are cute momentos to give at the end of the meal. The step-by-step video tutorial clearly explains how you can make these in 10 minutes or less. You can construct them by hand or use a Cricut machine if you have one.
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Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

The big day is almost here. Add these simple recipes to your meal plan and wow everyone around!

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