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Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace: A Beginner’s Guide

I was amazed the first time I heard about an essential oil diffuser necklace. Aromatherapy is a huge part of my life, so naturally I was intrigued. I thought that using an essential oil diffuser for cars was a great way to enjoy aromatherapy on the go, but these necklaces are even more portable – they make an excellent personal diffuser!

A person wearing a white shirt and a silver pendant necklace.

Diffuser necklaces offer a convenient (and stylish!) way to carry your favorite essential oils and enjoy their natural fragrance wherever you go. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anytime and anywhere, whether you’re at work, traveling, or simply running errands. Let’s explore an essential oil diffuser necklace in more detail – what it is, how to use it, and how to make one at home.

What Is An Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace?

My husband, being the sweet man that he is, thought that an essential oil diffuser necklace would make the perfect gift for moms, so he gave me one on Mother’s Day. And boy was he right! We had essential oil diffusers and nebulizers throughout our house because we all enjoy aromatherapy, so I was ecstatic that I found the most convenient way to do so.

A diffuser necklace is a type of jewelry designed to hold and diffuse essential oils, allowing the wearer to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy wherever they go. These include improving mood, boosting energy, enhancing focus, and maximizing productivity. There are two main types of essential oil diffuser necklaces, namely locket style and lava stone. 

Close-up of a silver filigree heart-shaped pendant on a chain, with a blurred bronze-colored ornate background.

Locket Style Diffuser Necklace

A locket style diffuser necklace is a stylish accessory that features a locket or pendant with a hinged door, which acts as a closure to prevent spills and leaks. Inside the locket is a fel pad (or other absorbent material) that essential oils can be applied to. 

One awesome thing about this style is that you can easily change the scent by changing the pad. This morning I was in the mood for one of my relaxing essential oil blends, but come afternoon I changed my necklace pad to a citrus essential oil blend for a quick pick-me-up.

These necklaces are typically made from stainless steel, silver, or gold-plated hypoallergenic metal. They come in various designs with beautiful decorative cutouts or patterns that you can choose from. Locket style diffuser necklaces provide aromatherapy while also serving as a stylish accessory!

Lava Beads Diffuser Necklace

On the other hand, a lava beads diffuser necklace is another effective aromatherapy tool you can try. It features lava beads or stones that absorb and slowly release essential oils. These beads have tiny holes in them which allow essential oils to be easily absorbed. Other porous materials such as clay and terracotta can be used, too. These materials are often combined with decorative beads and metal pendants, then strung on a chain or cord.

An advantage of using a lava bead necklace is long-lasting diffusion without the need for replacement pads. This type of diffuser necklace is also ideal for those who prefer a simple, earthy aesthetic look.

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Using an essential oil diffuser necklace is easy, straightforward, and cost-efficient. No matter what type of necklace you have, you only need 1 to 4 drops of essential oil (depending on the size of your locket or bead) to last you a few days. This is especially true when you’re using your diffuser jewelry in large spaces, because at least 8 to 20 drops of essential oil are needed for electronic diffusers, depending on its capacity. And that will only last you one afternoon. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use both a locket style and lava bead diffuser necklace:

A close-up of a silver pendant with an intricate floral design, featuring an orange background, hanging from a beaded chain on a light purple surface.

How To Use A Locket Style Diffuser Necklace

To use your locket style diffuser necklace, you only need a single essential oil of your choice, preferably in a glass bottle with a dropper. You can also opt for essential oil blends to suit your mood – try winter essential oil blends to cool you during warm days or perhaps essential oil blends for men if you find manly scents appealing.

  1. Gently open the hinged locket to access the felt pad inside.
  2. Most necklaces come with washable and reusable felt refill pads, but if yours doesn’t or you run out, you’ll need a fresh felt pad that can fit inside the locket. Other absorbent materials like cotton pads, leather pads, wool felt, and paper filters are also ideal.
  3. Add 2 to 3 drops of your chosen essential oil to the felt pad, making sure that  the pad is evenly saturated but not soaked.
  4. Close the locket to secure the pad inside.
  5. Wear the necklace. Adjust the chain length if needed for comfort and style.
  6. When the scent fades, repeat the steps above – reapply a few drops of the same essential oil to the pad or replace with a new one if you want to change the scent.

How To Use A Lava Beads Diffuser Necklace

Using a lava bead or rock diffuser necklace is just as easy. Just prepare your favorite single essential or essential oil blend, a clean cloth or paper towel, and a cotton bud. Make sure that your lava bead/s are clean and dry before applying oils.

  1. Place your necklace on a flat surface. I recommend placing a clean cloth or paper towel in between to avoid staining the surface.
  2. Using the dropper of your essential oil bottle, apply 1 to 2 drops of essential oil directly to the bead/s. Avoid oversaturating the beads to prevent oil from dripping. For a mess-free alternative, dip a cotton bud into an essential oil bottle, shake off the excess, then gently dab the cotton bud onto the bead/s to evenly distribute the oil without any spills.
  3. Using clean fingers, massage the oil into the bead/s for better absorption.
  4. Allow the lava bead/s to absorb the oil for a few minutes to avoid stains on your clothes.
  5. Wear the necklace and make adjustments for comfort and style.
  6. Once the scent fades, repeat the steps above.

How To Make A Lava Beads Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Since I already owned a locket style diffuser necklace, I wanted to try the lava beads type. So I made one! Making your own diffuser necklace at home is a rewarding DIY project that allows you to customize a necklace according to your personal style while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. Here’s how to make a lava beads essential oil diffuser necklace:

What You Need:

  1. First, decide how many lava beads you would like to have on your necklace. For starters, 1 to 4 beads are ideal.
  2. Mark where the lava beads should start on your necklace and how long your necklace will be. Cut one of the loops of your necklace chain using your wire cutter.
  3. Add your lava beads to the 2” eye pins. If you’re using less than 4 beads, trim the eye pin about 10mm from the last bead.
  4. Use your jewelry pliers to bend the remaining wire to 90 degrees.
  5. Next, connect the loops of the eye pin to the chain of your necklace. Close the gap in the loop of both sides of the eye pin with your pliers.
  6. Once the beads are attached to your necklace, you can apply your favorite essential oil.
  7. When the beads have fully absorbed the oil, you can wear your necklace!

Wrapping Up

An essential oil diffuser necklace is a great addition to your aromatherapy collection, along with your essential oil roller blend and diffuser. This beautiful statement piece allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and the therapeutic properties of essential oils anytime and anywhere, in style! These necklaces can be worn by adults, children, and even pets, that’s why they make great gifts for your loved ones. 

Whether you’re into the intricately designed locket style necklace or you prefer the simplicity of the lava beads diffuser necklace, you can enjoy long-lasting diffusion with minimum effort.

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, I would be grateful if you shared it with your family, friends, or anyone you know who would love to know about or benefit from an essential oil diffuser necklace!