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9 Easy Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Ready to wow your dinner guests with these easy Thanksgiving pies? From chocolate pudding pie to traditional pumpkin pie, there are many flavors to choose. Make them mini or full-size, bake them in the oven, or chill a no-bake pie in the fridge. Whatever you like, there’s a simple homemade version for you.

9 Easy pie recipes for Thanksgiving collage.

Traditional Homemade Pie Recipes

A Thanksgiving feast isn’t complete without pie, is it? Same for Christmas dinner for that matter!

Baking a holiday pie can be intimidating, but you’ll get a delicious homemade dessert on the table without any problems by using these easy pie recipes.

Your grandma’s legacy might be pretty epic, but you’ll follow behind with grace and amazing pies no one can resist!

Even if you’re a beginning baker, these recipes will make you look like a pro.

  • Flavorful – There’s a lot of pizzazz with creamy combinations of pumpkin, chocolate, cream, and all the classic fall spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice!
  • Pantry staples – I bet all the essential ingredients you need for homemade pie recipes are already on your pantry shelves.
  • Budget-friendly – Nothing fancy or expensive here, just good old-fashioned from-scratch ingredients and kitchen equipment. These recipes are very inexpensive.

How to Store Store a Finished Pie

In many ways, pies are the perfect dish to make ahead and store in the fridge or at room temperature before serving.

Most pies firm up and set while they sit and cool. Depending on the recipe, you can rest the pie on the counter or chill it in the refrigerator. Then, once cool, you can decorate it with whipped cream and set it aside until serving time.

Some pies need to be stored, covered in the fridge. Check the individual recipe you choose for specific directions on exactly how to store a finished pie.

Scheduling all the holiday prep and cooking is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Even non-holiday weeks get packed full this time of the year. I highly recommend using a meal plan app so you can stay on top of your busy schedule.

If you need some extra pampering for all the hard work that comes with holiday planning, head over to our DIY beauty posts and indulge in a Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub Recipe!

Easy Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Prep most of these recipes in 15 minutes or less! You only need a few ingredients, which are probably already on hand in your kitchen. So spread the good news, homemade pie recipes are easier than you think!

Baked apple pandowdy in glass baking dish.
Apple Pandowdy
Prep this classic American dessert with spiced apples and rustic puff pastry crust in only 15 minutes. Then, pop it in the oven and wait for it to finish while your house warms up with the smell of cinnamon and apples!
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A big slice of pumpkin cream pie with whipped cream and colorful toppings.
Pumpkin Cream Pie
Love pumpkin pie but not the work? Try this easy, no bake cream pie instead! It’s lusciously creamy and so quick to make. Plus, this is an inexpensive recipe too.
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Three black plates each of them with a slice of overhead cranberry curd tart.
Cranberry Curd Tart
This is a stunning dessert for your holiday feast, and sure to drop some jars around the table, especially after you say how simple it is to make! Cranberries have never tasted so good as they do in this festive tart.
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A slice of brown sugar pie in a plate with a fork.
Southern Brown Sugar Pie
If you’ve never added a brown sugar pie to your holiday table, you’re missing out! It’s an easy and delicious treat no one can resist. You only need 5 ingredients total!
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A slice of sweet potato pie on plate, star anise and cinnamon stick in the background.
Easy Air Fryer Sweet Potato Pie
Free up your oven and bake a pie in the air fryer instead. This way, making sweet potato pie will still fill your house with all the spicy fall flavors you know and love while saving oven space for other dishes.
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Mini pumpkin cheesecake sliced open in a plate.
6 Inch Pumpkin Cheesecake
Are you having an intimate Thanksgiving dinner this year? Serve a mini cheesecake for two. It’s adorable, tasty, and made with all your favorite traditional ingredients.
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A slice of chocolate pudding pie on a white plate.
Chocolate Pudding Pie
Feature this homemade pie recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday you like. It’s the perfect combination of creamy chocolate filling and buttery graham cracker crust. Top it with freshly whipped cream and dive in!
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A slice of classic pumpkin pie on a white plate.
Classic Pumpkin Pie (or Sweet Potato Pie)
Smooth and flavorful, this traditional homemade pumpkin pie is sure to be a hit at your table! In addition, this recipe teaches how to make a gluten-free pie so you can avoid gluten-containing ingredients if needed.
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A slice of pecan pie on a plate with a fork, a whole slice of pecan pie in the background.
Honey Maple Pecan Pie
Omit the corn syrup used in many pecan pie recipes and choose this healthier alternative of maple and honey. It’s sticky sweet in all the right ways. Serve chilled, or at room temperature, you choose!
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