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7 Brilliant 3-Ingredient Cake Recipes From Scratch

These 3-ingredient cake recipes are here to save the day. Each recipe is simply perfect for a last-minute celebration. Plus, if you have a cake emergency like a forgotten birthday or surprise guests showing up to eat, you can whip these up in no time! 

7 Easy 3-ingredient cake recipes, the best ideas for beginners collage.

Easy Cake Recipes for Kids

You’ll want to save these three-ingredient desserts to make with your BFF or child! They are the best cake recipes for beginners because their simplicity makes them absolutely foolproof. 

Directions are so straightforward even a four-year-old can take charge! Children make great mixers, and since mixing is practically all each easy cake recipe needs, they can get a green light and head the baking project.

It’s time to tie on your apron because these cakes are calling your name. 

Furthermore, these recipes just made baking budget-friendly. However, despite being economical, they don’t skimp on flavor. So call your friends, get the kids to wash their hands, and get started making a three-ingredient cake that couldn’t be simpler.

How to Make an Easy 3-Ingredient Cake

First, put on your cute apron because baking a cake is something special.

Next, choose your favorite easy cake recipe to make.

Will it be a sponge cake? That Italian beauty is the only one that needs special equipment: a cooking thermometer and a mixer. 

Otherwise, all cakes can be mixed by hand in a simple bowl and popped in the oven in a cake pan. All of them, except the Slow Cooker Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake, which goes in a slow cooker, of course!

Pick up your cake ingredients cheaply on sale from any grocery store. Check the discount bin to score a cake mix you can transform with a can of cherry pie filling or crushed pineapple. Cake mix is a great thing to store in your pantry.

Once you gather the ingredients, get the children washed up because they’ll love baking these easy cake recipes with few ingredients too. 

Some of the cakes have optional whipped cream or icing. But don’t worry; those add-ons are as easy as a cakewalk if desired.

Finally, share your cake with friends or family and bask in the brilliance of super easy baking.

Save these recipes and add them to your meal plan app today, so you can stay on track!

3-Ingredient Cake Recipes From Scratch

Skip the complicated details and go for the glory with these easy cakes. You cannot go wrong with such scrumptious cakes made from scratch. Plus, your children will love learning how to bake and feasting on the fruits of their labor. 

A whole chocolate cake with a slice that is about to be served next to plates with fork and a cup of coffee.
3-Ingredient Chocolate Cake
Sometimes you need chocolate cake, and you need it now! Well, you can have it as long as you have Oreos, milk, and baking powder. Take it over the top with an optional two-ingredient chocolate glaze made of melted chocolate chips and hot milk. Then, invite me over.
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A slice of cheesecake on a white plate with a bite-size piece on a fork.
3 Ingredient Cheesecake
A decadent cheesecake with only three ingredients, how can this be? Custard cream biscuits, white chocolate, and cream cheese are the only ingredients you need. The combination is simply luxurious.
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A close up photo of a sponge cake on a black plate.
Italian Sponge Cake
Sponge cake only calls for eggs, sugar, and flour. Whipping the eggs gives the dessert its sought after light and airy texture. This classic Italian dessert is well loved and also dairy-free!
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A slice of chocolate cherry cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake
Dump a box of chocolate cake mix, a can of cherry pie filling, and eggs in a bowl. Mix well, then put the batter in a preheated oven, and you'll get a moist and magical Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake!
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A slice of pineapple sponge cake with whipped cream on a white plate.
Pineapple Angel Food Cake Recipe
Demystify the delicious pineapple cake by combining a can of crushed pineapple with a box of angel food cake mix. Add whipped cream on each piece before serving, and you have another mouth-watering, three-ingredient cake anyone will love!
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Crockpot chocolate cherry cake with a wooden spoon next to a red checkered table napkin.
Slow Cooker Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake
What makes this Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake recipe special (beyond its totally luscious flavor)? You make it in the crockpot! That's right; there’s no oven needed. Let your house fill with the pleasing aroma of cake mix, cherry pie filling, and butter as your cake slowly cooks on the countertop.
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A chocolate cake in a mug with marble counter background.
Microwave Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
Grab a mug because you will want to make this gooey chocolate cake immediately. Put one egg, a spoonful of chocolate protein powder, and a ripe banana into your mug, cook it in the microwave for one minute, and BAM. You've got yourself a single-serve no-flour chocolate cake without having to make a mess!
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