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20 Fun Family Reunion Games Great For All Ages

Family reunion games are what will hold your gathering together. With the right games and activities, you can make sure that all attendees, regardless of age or interests, can participate and have a memorable time. Whether you prepare classic outdoor games, creative competitions, or team-building challenges, doing fun activities together strengthens the bond between family members.

A group of adults and children hula hooping together on a grassy field in a park on a sunny day.

However, choosing the right games for your next family reunion isn’t as easy as it sounds because you have a lot to consider. Important considerations include the type and location of your event, the space of your venue, and the age range of your attendees. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! I listed down the best family reunion games you can play at your gathering. Intimate or grand, indoor or outdoor, these games and activities promise fun and excitement for everyone in the family.

The Best Family Reunion Games For All Ages

I am used to planning family reunionsbackyard barbecuesholidays parties, and other special events for my family and relatives. In fact, my niece asked me to plan her 18th birthday party, which was held just recently. She wanted a summer theme, so we enjoyed some beach charcuterie boards and played some fun games – everyone had a blast!

Because of my experience, I know for a fact how important reunion themes, games and activities are for family gatherings. I’ve witnessed firsthand how they bring guests together, keep the entire family engaged, and create an atmosphere of friendly competition. It’s important to choose the right games that are appropriate for your event and your guests. Here are some quick tips for choosing the right games and activities for your family reunion:

  • Consider Your Event Type: Choose games that are appropriate for your event and complement its ambiance, atmosphere, and objectives. It’s not ideal to play tug of war or sack race in a formal gathering, or to engage in quiet board games in a busy outdoor setting.
  • Gather Input From Attendees: Input and suggestions from attendees will help you narrow down your choices. By gathering their input, you can choose activities that suit everyone’s preferences which means that engagement and enjoyment will be high come your gathering.
  • Consider the Available Space: Make sure that the activities you choose can be done comfortably within the available space, especially if you’re having an indoor event. Choose less physical games if you’re renting a venue to avoid any damages to the property.
  • Consider the Age Range of the Guests: When choosing family reunion games, it’s important to select ones that family members of all ages will find enjoyable. You can prepare separate games for different age groups, or combine different ages when forming teams. Also choose games that everyone can participate in, including older family members, regardless of physical abilities or limitations.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Select games and activities that encourage cooperation and teamwork so that attendees of all ages get a chance to bond and build connections while having fun.
  • Incorporate Family Traditions: To add a personal touch, include a game or activity that is special to your family or part of your family’s traditions. In my family’s case, we love having cook-offs at our gatherings. We had a showdown of who can make the best seafood Thanksgiving recipe when we had a gathering last fall!

If you need ideas for fun family reunion games, here is a list of fun and memorable ones you can play with your family. Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor family gathering, you’re sure to get some ideas below.

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Classic Outdoor Games

Take a trip down memory lane as you enjoy the sunshine by playing classic outdoor games. Not only are these ideal for a family reunion, but for birthdays and outdoor weddings, too! These are perfect for spending quality time with the whole family in an outdoor setting, these timeless favorites have entertained families for the longest time. 

Two senior adults joyfully playing tug of war with a rope in a sunny backyard, with another couple in the background.

1. Tug of War

What You Need: Long thick rope, whistle, small red flag

Tug of War is one of the most popular family reunion games because it’s easy to set up and fun to play. To start playing, create two teams with an equal number of players, being mindful about not  putting the strongest family members in the same group. Using tape, create a marker on the ground then tie a knot or place a flag in the middle of the rope to indicate the center point. 

Have each team line up at their respective end of the rope. Once everyone’s in position, the referee will blow the whistle and both teams will begin to tug at the rope. The team who pulls the other team to their side wins the game.

2. Potato Sack Race

What You Need: 1 potato sack or large burlap sack for each player, marker cones 

Another perfect outdoor game that will be fun to play at your family reunion is the potato sack race. To begin, divide players into two teams. Use marker cones to designate the starting and finishing points for the race. Have each team line up in their starting line, “wearing” the sack over their legs.

Once the race begins, each player must hop towards the finishing point and back to the starting point, followed by tagging the next player in line. This repeats until the last member of the team has had their turn. The first team to have all its members complete the course wins the race.

3. Three-Legged Race

What You Need: Fabric strips or rope, marker cones 

The three-legged race is a fun game fit for all ages. Divide the participants into pairs, preferably those with similar height and build. Have each pair stand side by side then tie their middle legs together with a fabric strip or rope, creating “three legs” for each pair. Use marker cones to mark a starting and finishing point. At your signal, each pair must run, walk, or hop to the finish line and back to the starting line. The first pair to do so wins!

4. Egg and Spoon Race

What You Need: 1 hard-boiled egg for each team, 1 plastic spoon for each player, marker cones

Another fun classic game that requires teamwork is the egg and spoon race. Create two teams and give each team one egg and each player one spoon. Mark starting and finish lines using marker cones. When the teams are lined up in their respective starting points, each player must put the spoon in their mouths.

When the egg race begins, the first member must walk or run towards the marked point on the other end and back to the starting line while balancing the egg in their spoon. If the egg falls off at any point, the player must return to the starting line and begin again. Once they’re done, they must pass the egg to the next player in line using the spoon only (no hands!). The first team to have all its members finish the race is the winner!

5. Cornhole

What You Need: 2 cornhole boards, 8 cornhole bags (4 for each team in contrasting colors), tape marker, scoreboard

Engage in an exciting bean-bag-throwing match by playing a classic game of cornhole. You will need two teams, each with either one or two players. To play, players will take turns tossing their bags toward their opponent’s board. After each team has tossed all their bags, a scorer will record their scores. The first team to reach or exceed 21 points wins the inning.

6. Giant Jenga

What You Need: Giant Jenga blocks

Jenga is an exciting game that’s usually played indoors, but you can take it to the next level by playing it supersized outdoors! You’ll need a set of giant blocks – we use the Giantville Life-Sized Blocks Tower and it works great. Similar to regular Jenga, begin by stacking the blocks to create a tower, alternating between horizontal and vertical layers. 

Once the tower is set up, players take turns removing a block from anywhere below the topmost layer then putting each removed block on top of the tower. The game continues until the tower collapses, and the player responsible for it loses the game.

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Indoor Games and Icebreakers

If you’re having your family reunion indoors, there are a lot of games to choose from that are equally fun and exciting. Icebreakers are also ideal for engaging attendees that you’re meeting for the first time or haven’t seen in so long.

6. Charades

What You Need: Small strips of paper, pen, hat, timer

Charades is the ultimate icebreaker when it comes to family reunion games. Not only will you have a guaranteed time full of laughter, but this game focuses on team building as it can be played by a large group of people. 

The game master should prepare a list of words, movies, places, personalities, etc. according to your theme and write each word on a small strip of paper. The papers should be rolled and placed in a hat for drawing later. Divide the players into two teams. Players from both teams take turns drawing a paper from the hat and acting out their chosen word (there will be a timer set for two minutes). The first team to guess the word correctly gets a point, and the team with the most right guesses wins.

7. Pictionary

What You Need: Pictionary game, White board, white board markers, eraser

Another entertaining indoor game that will bring out your family’s creativity is Pictionary. To play this game, create two teams with an equal number of players. Players, alternating between the two teams, will pick a word from the Pictionary game and draw it on the board while their teammates try to guess the word or phrase. The team that guesses the word correctly scores a point, and the team with more points by the end of the game wins.

8. Bingo

What You Need: Bingo set (bingo cage or shaker, bingo numbers, bingo cards, chips or markers)

Bingo is a classic indoor game that’s perfect for large groups. First, make sure you have a complete bingo set. Second, assign a caller who will draw the numbers (or symbols) from the cage and announce it to the players, then give each participant a bingo card and some markers. The game master will announce a specific pattern for each round, such as a diagonal line or a full card blackout.

To start the game, players will mark off their cards for every announced number that their bingo card has, following the pattern for that round. The first player to complete the specified pattern and call out “Bingo!” wins the round.

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9. Family Trivia

What You Need: 1 small white board and white board marker for each team

There’s nothing like a family game night! A trivia game is a good idea for family reunions because you can tailor the questions to your family history, traditions, and inside jokes, adding fun and a personalized touch to your gathering. To play, divide participants into groups (the more, the merrier!) and provide each team with a small white board and marker/s.

The game master will then ask prepared questions like “What is grandma’s favorite TV show?”, “Who makes the best onion dip?” or “Which family member is a Taylor Swift fanatic?”. Each team will write their answer on their white board then raise it once done. Whoever raised their board with the correct answer gets a point. The team with the most points by the end of the game is the winner.

10. Family Jigsaw Puzzle

What You Need: 1 jigsaw puzzle (at least 200 hundred pieces) per team

The jigsaw puzzle race is an ideal activity to do in between more active physical games. All you need is a 200+ piece puzzle for each team. Set the puzzle on the floor and the team that completes it first will win the game. To add a personal touch, you can order custom puzzles of your family portrait.

11. Board Game Tournament

What You Need: Board game/s of your choice

Why not have a board game tournament for some friendly competition? Choose your family’s favorite board game/s and anyone who wants to participate can sign up. Classic board games that you can play include MonopolyScrabbleBoggleClueThe Game of Lifechess, and checkers.

Create a tournament bracket or schedule to organize the matches and track the progress of players throughout the tournament. The person/s with the highest overall score at the end is the champion!

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Team-Building Games and Activities

Whether you’re having your event indoors or outdoors, team-building games and activities provide an interactive and engaging way for attendees to strengthen their bonds. These activities also encourage collaboration and teamwork and as players work together to achieve a common goal.

12. Scavenger Hunt

What You Need: 1 scavenger hunt map per team, 1 printed scavenger hunt checklist and 1 pencil for each team member, items that players will search for

If your family loves adventures, then a scavenger hunt is perfect for you! The game master/s must hide and prepare a list of specific items that players need to find within an area. A specific course can also be created for each team, wherein they will find clues or items along the way. 

To play, each team must use their map to navigate the area and find the hidden “treasures.” Team members can mark off items on their scavenger hunt lists as they are collected. The first first team to successfully complete the scavenger hunt or collect the most items is the winning team.

13. Obstacle Course

What You Need: Prepared obstacle course, timer

Can’t get enough of adventures? Prepare a fun yet challenging obstacle course in your family reunion venue! Bring out your creativity and use materials like rope, boxes, tires, hoops, etc. To play, divide participants into teams. When the timer begins, members of each team will take turns going through the obstacle course. Once a whole team finishes the course, another team will take their turn. The team that has the shortest time wins.

14. Minute to Win It

What You Need: Depends on your task

The possibilities are endless with this game. The goal of Minute to Win It is for teams to complete a series of quick and quirky challenges within one minute. Players must work together to successfully complete each challenge before time runs out. Whether it’s completing a puzzle, listing down 100 movies, or finishing a huge bowl of chili, participants of all ages will have plenty of fun playing this game.

A team scores a point for every successfully completed challenge. The team that has the most points by the end is the winner.

15. Capture the Flag

What You Need: 1 flag for each team, boundary markers (cones or flags)

Another awesome team-building game is Capture the Flag. First, divide players into two teams of equal size. Use cones or flags to create boundaries and separate the zones for each of the teams. You also need to designate a “jail” (we usually use a pole or a tree). Each team will then hide their flag in their territory, making sure it’s not easily visible but still accessible.

The goal of Capture the Flag is to find your opponent’s flag and bring it into your own territory. Players that are tagged within the “enemy zone” will head to jail, but can be tagged by one their teammates to be set free. The first team to capture the other team’s flag without getting tagged wins the game!

Water Games and Activities

Family reunion games that involve water fun are a great addition to your gathering, especially if your event is in the summer. They are the perfect way to cool off, whether you’re holding your reunion in a backyard, by the pool, or at the beach.

16. Water Balloon Toss

What You Need: 1 water-filled balloon for each pair

To play balloon toss, have participants pick a partner. Each pair must face each other, standing about two feet apart. Participants must toss their water balloon to their partner and their partner will toss it back. One player from each pair will take a step backwards after each round. The pair that throws the balloon to the farthest distance without popping it will be declared the winner.

17. Sponge Relay Race

What You Need: 2 large sponges, 4 buckets (2 empty, 2 filled with water)

The sponge relay race is a favorite for the kids in our family because it’s both fun and challenging. To start playing, create two teams of equal size and have each team line up in their designated starting line. Give the first participants in line a large sponge and place a bucket of water in front of each team. Mark each empty bucket with a fill line and place 20 feet away from each team.

After the start signal, each participant in line will dip their sponge in the bucket of water in front of them, run to their empty bucket, squeeze out the water from the sponge, then run back to pass the sponge to the next player in line. The first team that fills their bucket to the fill line wins the game.

Creative Challenges

If you’re looking for unique family reunion games and activities, try these ones I listed below. These activities encourage players to think outside the box while inspiring creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork.

18. The Egg Drop

What You Need: 1 raw egg and nest-building materials (cardboard, straws, and duct tape) for each team.

Play the egg drop at your family gathering and everyone will be talking about it afterwards. Create four teams with up to four members each and provide each team with a raw egg and materials for building a nest. The objective of this game is to build a “nest” using the materials provided to protect it and prevent it from breaking when dropped from a height of ten feet.

Each team will be given 15 minutes to create their protective nest. Once the timer runs out, the game master will drop each team’s eggs from 10 feet. If more than one team is successful, the team that used less materials will win.

19.  Murder Mystery

What You Need: Script and storyline, character profiles for each participant, clues, evidence, props 

Murder mystery is the perfect game to play for costumed or formal family reunions. It offers an immersive, engaging, and unforgettable experience for anyone who participates. It’s ideal for the game master to prepare the scripts and storyline beforehand as well as set the clues and props around the venue before the guests arrive.

Once the guests are ready to play, the game master will assign a character to each participant and introduce the premise of the murder mystery. Participants will then interact and mingle with each other while gathering clues and piecing together the mystery. Additional clues and twists will be revealed as the game progresses and players can make accusations and present their theories. The murderer’s identity will then be revealed and the player/s who guess correctly will be given prizes. 

20. Escape Room

What You Need: An empty room at your venue, props (furniture, decorations, locks etc.), puzzles (codes, riddles, clues, etc.), timer, cameras (optional), sound effects (optional)

Last but not the least is escape room, an immersive and interactive adventure game that will surely be unforgettable. The goal of the game is for participants to “escape” the room by searching for clues and solving puzzles to open the door before time runs out. It’s not the easiest to set up at a family reunion, but I guarantee that everyone who plays it will have a memorable experience.

Before the event, create a team to conceptualize, create a series of puzzles, and “decorate” the escape room, planting puzzles and clues throughout the space. When the room is ready, the game master will brief participants on the scenario and objectives of the game. The players will then enter the room, look for clues, examine objects, and solve puzzles to find information on how to escape. Individuals or teams who successfully solve all puzzles and “escapes” the room before the time limit expires will win prizes.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it – any of the family reunion games I listed above promise fun, laughter, and strengthened bonds among family members so go give them a try! Just remember to choose games and activities that resonate with attendees and are appropriate to the type of event that you are holding. If you found this post interesting or learned something from it, don’t hesitate to share it with family or friends who might like it, too!


Saturday 18th of May 2024

My family tends to be pretty serious and isn't very playful, but I'm hoping to get people out of their shells a little bit for our upcoming reunion. Wish me luck while I give some of these game ideas a try!

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Good luck, Julie! I hope everyone will have a memorable and fun time for your upcoming reunion.