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15 Cute Ideas for Your Easter Photoshoots This Year

Easter photoshoots are a must nowadays. It’s a fun way to capture cherished moments, celebrate the joy of the season, and create lasting memories with our loved ones. As parents, we always want to preserve the magic of our little ones’ experiences, especially during holidays.

A baby with a floral headband crawls near a wicker basket and easter eggs.
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In our home, it’s been a long-standing tradition to hold an annual Easter photoshoot. I just love looking back at previous photos and seeing how much our family has changed throughout the years. One thing won’t ever change, though – our love for Easter!

So if you love the Easter holiday like us and want to make this year’s celebration extra special, let’s hop into some adorable Easter photoshoot ideas, whether it’s for your little ones, the whole family, or yourself!

Tips for Successful Easter Photoshoots

Easter photoshoots offer a wonderful opportunity to document the best and most memorable parts of the occasion. However, it requires careful planning and execution because we all know that taking photos of kids is no easy feat. Consider these tips to make your photoshoot a breeze and to make sure that the resulting images are just as awesome as the experience.

Plan Ahead

Planning is essential for successful Easter photoshoots. Determine the following to help you get started:

  • Decide on a theme: Do you plan to take photos of your newborn, your kids, or the whole family? Will you hold it indoors or outdoors? Answering these important questions will make it easier to decide on a theme and props to use.
  • Choose and date and location: Choose a date and location that aligns with your theme and schedule. If you plan to do an outdoor photoshoot, be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand. Otherwise, you can have an equally awesome easter photo shoot right from your living room!
  • Prepare the props: Take time to gather all the props you will need for your Easter photoshoot, including cute outfits, accessories, and backdrops. It’s a good idea to discuss what’s needed with the rest of your family members!

Don’t feel too pressured – you don’t have to hire a professional photographer, book a fancy location, or buy expensive props for your photoshoot. I always do a DIY photoshoot at home or have it at a local park or garden nearby.

A young girl sitting on a chair, gently holding a rabbit, with a backdrop of pastel-colored decor and hanging paper Easter decorations.
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Consider the Lighting

Cute subjects and adorable props won’t matter if proper lighting isn’t used. If you’re doing an indoor shoot, make sure to hold it in a well-lit area and use reflectors to help enhance the lighting conditions. Position your subjects near a large window to maximize natural light. 

If shooting outdoors, aim to hold the session during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon because the natural light will be soft and flattering.  Avoid shooting at noon, as the midday sun can create overexposure and harsh shadows. If possible, check the weather forecast and shoot on a cloudy day!

Use Easter Props and Decorations

Props are a huge part of Easter photoshoots. Cute Easter props and decorations like colorful eggs, garlands, plush bunnies, baskets, or spring flowers will create a festive atmosphere and add charm to the photos. Get creative with putting them all together, mixing and matching colors and textures to complement your subjects and the surroundings. 

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Choose Fun Outfits

The right outfits and accessories can also enhance the visual appeal of Easter photoshoots. Adorable bunny costumes for newborns or toddlers, bunny headbands and real carrots for kids, and flower crowns for adults are all great choices. Consider your chosen theme. Aim to use soft pastel colors or floral prints, and coordinate your outfits without being too matchy-matchy. 

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Capture Candid Moments

Posed shots are great, but Easter photoshoots are more about capturing the essence of your celebration so aim to capture candid moments. Encourage natural interactions but also allow moments to unfold naturally. Capturing the kids doing an Easter egg hunt, mom preparing Easter brunch, or the whole family painting Easter eggs are all awesome ideas.

A person's hand holding a camera with a flip screen displaying a photo of a baby in a bunny costume against a pink background.
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Easter Photoshoots: 15 Adorable Ideas

Now it’s time to turn your vision into reality! Here are oh-so-cute Easter photoshoot ideas you can try:

For Babies and Toddlers

Taking photos of newborns and toddlers requires patience, but there’s nothing better than having a keepsake of your little one in an Easter basket or dressed in a cute bunny costume. Before starting the shoot, make sure your baby or toddler is fed and energized from a nap! 

Easter Basket Baby

A DIY Easter photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your baby’s first Easter. Newborns can’t go Easter egg hunting yet, so why not make your little one the cutest egg in the basket? All you need is a large basket and a soft cozy blanket to put inside (preferably a pastel-colored one or one with a cute bunny print). Dress your baby in a pastel color, carefully place them inside the basket, and shoot away! Use colorful plastic Easter eggs as props for a pop of color!

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Baby Bunny

Baby bunnies are adorable. But a baby in a baby bunny costume? Yes please! If you’re not up to making a DIY costume, there are plenty of adorable choices online, for newborns and toddlers alike. Don’t forget to add props like a backdrop, balloons, Easter eggs, or fresh spring flowers!

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Painting Eggs

One of the activities that kids look forward to the most during Easter is painting and decorating eggs. If your kids are going to decorate their Easter eggs, you should certainly capture the precious moments and use the activity as a photoshoot idea. 

Farmyard Fun

Looking for a little adventure for your little one? Include live animals in your Easter pictures! Visit a nearby petting zoo or a local farm for a rustic Easter photoshoot that includes cute baby animals such as chicks, bunnies, and lambs. Have your baby wear a bunny headband or use a basket full of Easter eggs as props.

Three women celebrating easter with bunny ears, colorful eggs, and spring flowers.
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For Families

The Easter holiday is the perfect time to get nice photos of the entire family that you can display at home. Take advantage of the beautiful spring background to make your Easter photoshoot a success!

Flower Crowns

Add a charming and whimsical touch to your family’s Easter photoshoot by having each member wear a flower crown. Wear coordinated tones of soft pastels or soft neutrals – flowy dresses for the girls and dress shirts for the boys. Take advantage of the great outdoors – take photos in a garden, by the lake, or in a flower field to highlight the vibrancy of springtime.

 Easter Tea Party

Kids love pretend tea parties, so why not set up a “real one” for the whole family? Set it up in your home or out in the backyard on a sunny day, complete with tables and chairs, a tea set, and your favorite Easter sweet treats. To give this scene a finished look, place some Easter props like a stuffed bunny or a basket of Easter eggs.

Candid Moments

Aim for spontaneity and ask your designated photographer to capture genuine moments as your family partakes in Easter activities and celebrates the holiday. From the kids doing an egg hunt and the teens enjoying their Easter Baskets to moments of laughter and heartfelt embraces, your photoshoot will reflect your strong family bond and the spirit of Easter.

Spring Blossoms

It’s finally springtime and you have an instant picturesque backdrop of blooming flowers and trees. Just wear an outfit with soft neutrals, use fresh spring flowers as props, and take advantage of the lovely weather (think wind effect), and you’re set to have visually stunning Easter photos!

Bunny Ears

If you wanna go for something camp, wearing bunny ears is the way! Just coordinate the color of your outfit to your bunny headband and pose amidst an Easter backdrop like banners and streamers, and you’re good to go!

Fun Indoor Ideas

As mentioned above, it’s ideal to find a well-lit area in your home to hold the photoshoot, preferably with plenty of natural light. The beauty of having Easter photoshoots at home is that you can be creative and comfortable at the same time.

Easter Wonderland

When it comes to Easter photoshoots, you can go as minimal or as extra as you want. Create a cozy and whimsical backdrop by using spring motifs, pastel-colored balloons, ribbons and streamers, and floral wreaths. Don’t forget the Easter elements like egg garlands, bunny plushies, or an Easter basket.

Live Bunnies

The little ones are sure to have an unforgettable Easter celebration if you bring in a real live bunny for their photoshoot. Have them do cute poses with the bunny or capture candid moments while they play with their furry friend.

Easter Pets

Wouldn’t it be cute if your pets were also dressed for the occasion? Have a fun Easter photoshoot with your beloved pets wearing Easter-themed accessories or costumes!

Fun Outdoor Ideas

Take your Easter photoshoot outdoors – enjoy the fresh spring air and marvel at the beauty of nature while you’re snapping photos! Take inspiration from these cute outdoor-themed photoshoot ideas.

Easter Egg Hunting

Capture the best candid photos while the little ones are doing an egg hunt, one of the most popular Easter activities for kids that everyone looks forward to. Snap photos of the kids running, laughing, and actively looking for Easter eggs. Be sure to take some of them holding their Easter basket full of eggs afterward!

Easter Picnic

Another great opportunity for amazing candid photos is an outdoor picnic Easter photoshoot. It’s a great way to capture your family’s sweet moments as you enjoy your meal together. Organize a picnic with your favorite Easter treats as the food items and infuse other Easter props and accessories to complete the set-up.

Nature Walk

Even a leisurely walk outside during springtime can be a great photo opportunity. You can try holding hands, doing shoulder or piggyback rides, or pausing to enjoy the outdoors together. Add an Easter element by having the little ones hold their Easter baskets with a plush bunny or plastic eggs while walking.

Wrapping Up

Easter is a special occasion and the possibilities for photoshoots are endless. Whether you choose to have your photoshoot indoors or outdoors, you won’t run out of cute ideas to capture the best moments of the holiday. Share this post with your nearest and dearest so that they, too, can preserve the joy of their Easter celebration through memorable photos!


Monday 25th of March 2024

We love doing a nature walk photo shoot every year...or a ski slopes one :) Cracks me up what people think up for their pets this time of year.

Easy Homemade Life

Monday 1st of April 2024

I agree! My pets seem to enjoy these photoshoots. Thanks for the comment, Jen!