9 Substitutes: What To Use Instead of a Rolling Pin?

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Baking can be intimidating, especially for beginners. You want to follow the recipe precisely for perfect results.

So, what to use instead of a rolling pin when the instructions say to roll out a dough as thin as possible?

Here are a few tips on the best rolling pin substitutes.

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A Wine Bottle

it’s long and sturdy but also because it has an even width from top to bottom.


Reusable Water Bottle

this type of bottle is quite easy to clean before and after use.


A Cylindrical Container

make sure it has a smooth surface and doesn’t have any ridges or uneven textures.


A Vase

If you have a cylindrical, even surfaced vase, it can make an amazing substitute for a rolling pin.


A Cardboard Tube

Extra thick long cylinder tubes make the best rolling pin substitutes.


A Tall Glass

They are made with strong glass and easy to work with as an alternative rolling pin.


Your Hands

All you need to do is press on your dough with the palm of your hands gently to flatten it evenly. 


Tap the link below for more rolling pin substitution ideas that you definitely have at home!

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Not having all the cutting-edge, professional tools, or basic ones like a rolling pin, shouldn't keep you from success in the kitchen.

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