how to cook breakfast sausage links

T'is the season for a holiday breakfast! Once you know how to cook breakfast sausage links the morning is as easy as it is delicious. I have a few methods to share, take a look and find your favorite.


In the oven Use this method if you have a large breakfast gathering for the holidays.


In an Air Fryer The best way to cook when you’re looking for an easier clean-up method.


In a skillet Pair skillet sausage with fluffy buttermilk biscuits and make a delicious breakfast meal.

Swipe up for the fluffiest biscuit recipe....


In a microwave Zero worries about grease splattering everywhere in your cooking area. Plus, the best part is the minimal cook time.

Oh No! You forgot to thaw the sausages..... Don’t have time to thaw them? Don’t worry, it’s still  easy. We have methods that you can use to achieve that delicious,  juicy golden brown sausage.

Looking for the perfect pairing? You can't go wrong with homemade waffles, and we have the easiest recipe below!

Make it sweeter Impress yourself and your family with this easy 4 ingredient banana bread.

Continue the Christmas Cheer Add some Christmas inspired coffee to your breakfast.

Knowing how to cook breakfast sausage links has never been easier or more important for having a great holiday season. Cheers!