Christmas Soap Ideas

Are you feeling stumped on what to give as gifts this Christmas? These easy Christmas soap ideas might be what you are looking for.

They are simple and will help you have thoughtful handmade presents for everyone you know in record time.

Let's take a peek at the cutest Christmas soap ideas!

Peppermint Soap The pretty pink color is festive and the peppermint essential oil will fill the air with a cheery smell.

Lump of Coal Soap This recipe is a gem; it’s hard to find fully functional gag gifts, but this is a hit!

Swipe below for the easiest 5 steps you'll take to make these Christmas Soaps!

Scribbled Underline 2

Attaching a candy cane to the package takes the  presentation to the next level. The final touch makes each one  memorable!

By the time you’re done, your whole house might smell like the holidays! Make these Christmas soap ideas for others and save a few for yourself. There are plenty to go around.