Easy Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

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Forget chips and dip; a gorgeous Christmas charcuterie board is the better way to indulge in finger foods during the holiday season.

This holiday board adds a touch of sophistication to your gathering and it will only take you 10 minutes!

Check out the ideas!

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Display the cheese, whole or sliced. Make a cheese knife available if needed.



Make it easy for guests to grab and serve themselves. Roll, fold, or stack pieces.



Consider incorporating dried fruit like orange to add a chewy texture and concentrated sweetness.


Nuts & Bread

They provide the perfect canvas for your cheeses, especially those soft and creamy ones.



A simple vinegar or sour addition to your board is a great way to give your palate a break between all the cheeses and meats.


Dips & Spreads

Sure to fill in any extra space and taste amazing.


Fresh Herbs

Add a pop of color and infuse a fragrant freshness that will dazzle your Christmas charcuterie board.

Now that you have the list of goodies, tap below to learn how to arrange it all on the board!

Don't forget about the holiday drinks!  Swipe up to infuse your holiday season with the warmth and magic of a perfect cup of coffee.